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Welcome to BP Digital Marketing.

We are a small agency which is great for you because it means that we can react to your needs very quickly. BP Digital Marketing have over 30 years digital marketing experience and have worked with businesses of all sizes across multiple industries, from small start up to UK Government bodies.

Whether your website gets 100 visitors or 1 million hits per month we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

From PPC to SEO we can help drive the right traffic to your website and help and increase your site organic visibility.

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We design a unique strategy for each client ensuring that it meets the goals of the business. This strategy is then presented to the client ensuring that there is full understanding and buy in for the strategy.


Our small size makes us very agile and capable of designing and implementing strategies very quickly. This is vital in situations where you may be running campaigns which are performing poorly and wasting budget. We can turn those campaigns around quickly.


We constantly analyse the performance of all our campaigns comparing data as it builds up.

Ideally campaigns need twenty eight days of data to get a reasonable picture of their performance. Within that we compare the first seven days against the second seven, the first fourteen days against the second fourteen etc.


All our clients receive comprehensive monthly report of on the performance of their campaigns. For our domestic UK clients we sit down we them face to face every month to discuss the on going implementation strategy. For international clients we offer video conferencing calls

All our clients receive comprehensive monthly report of on the performance of their campaigns created using Googles Data Studio.

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