Digital Marketing Audit

Free Digital Audit

BP Digital are happy to offer a digital marketing audit, analysing your digital strategy and campaigns. Using our benchmarking process to audit your digital footprint we will provide you with actionable opportunities and recommendations. Armed with the results of your consultation and customised report you will be able to maximise the ROI on your campaigns delivering real value and results.

BP Digital strategists will audit your campaigns and strategies for you, always in the strictest confidence. Whether a business is running their own campaigns or using a third party agency our expert strategists are almost always able to offer suggestions to improve the ROI and add real value to the business.

What’s included in a free digital audit?

On each paid ads platform we will analyse, benchmark and report on the following metrics:

– Account setup and structure
– Campaign setup and structure
– Conversion tracking setup and structure
– Ad Group and Individual Ads setup and structure performance analysis
– Bid monitoring and optimisations
– Negative keyword management to avoid wasted spend
– Quality score improvements inc ad relevance and landing page experience
– Search term analysis
– Ad extension creation and optimisation
– Location targeting if required
– Keyword selection and match types
– Individual Ads performance analysis
– Impression share analysis
– Auction Insights (who are the ads competing with)
– Performance optimisation and analysis of advanced bid adjustments by device, gender, age, location
– Ad schedule analysis

Within Google Analytics we will ensure that the correct structure and reports are in place to provide you with accurate and relevant data to inform business decisions.

Why us?

It takes time and attention to detail to run successful PPC campaigns. The truth is not all agencies & freelancers marketers have the time to make their clients campaigns a success. That’s where we come in. BP Digital have worked with businesses over the last five years across a wide variety of industry sectors adding real value to those businesses and always ensuring the maximum ROI for the clients budget. We are passionate about delivering clearly demonstrable positive results for businesses across the country.

Ready for your free no obligation digital audit?

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