Search Engine Optimisation

There are no shortcuts – only good strategies

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is seen by some as a ‘dark art’ with dodgy practices to get a website to rank No 1.

Thats not how we work – trying to fool Google’s algorithms will ultimately end in tears. We only employ what’s known as ‘White Hat’ methods to gain the best visibility possible for our clients websites as part of an overall strategy.

Local SEO

Content Marketing

On-Site Optimisation

Online Reviews

Link Building

Google Analytics and

Tag Manager

Dashboard Reporting

Video SEO

Building an SEO Strategy

We always start by analysing what you have in place now which would form the basis of the strategy moving forward. Usually as part of the analysis we will fix any technical issues and ensure that Google Analytics is reporting properly.

Your strategy will will involve a mix of online reviews, a content marketing plan and best practice use of various social media channels.

Analysing your current footprint

We always start and SEO or Digital Marketing Campaign by analysing your current position. This comprises two parts:

Website analysis

(on-site optimisation)

The bedrock of SEO begins with your website. Our starting point is to ensure that your website needs to ‘tick all the boxes’ in the eyes of Google. This is typically the more technical side of things.

+  Technical analysis
+  Keyword focus and density
+  Conversion optimisation and tracking
+  User journey and experience

Digital footprint

(off-site optimisation)

When we have built a strong foundation then we can work on your external influences. Historically this typically came down to links pointing back to your website, but now there is a lot more than that to work on!

+  Link analysis
+  Keyword rankings
+  Local visibility
+  Competitor & keyword gap analysis

Local SEO

If someone searches for “PPC Management Expert Wiltshire” (or if they have searched for “PPC Management Expert Wiltshire” while in Wiltshire), this is seen as a local search and it’s very important particularly for SME’s and service-based businesses, as the user is demonstrating lots of intent. There are particular tactics we can use to make sure that your visibility is as good as it can be. Google Maps listings and getting genuine online reviews is just the start. These “tactics” aren’t anything deceptive either. They’re about making sure you are using what’s best of the tools available to get your business front and centre.

Content marketing

A cornerstone of SEO is content marketing. The idea is to create helpful guides through blog posts, videos, podcasts and graphics to help users find your website. But, it’s not just about users finding your site its makes you look helpful and gives you ‘domain authority’ and can result in lots of traffic to your website. Typically there are more people searching for help rather than wishing to make a purchase.

We will explore what type of content will work best for you based on research. When we create content we can publish as blog posts. Then we can utilise social media channels, email marketing and online advertising to broaden our reach.

Video SEO

Do you know that the second largest search engine is YouTube? We all remember the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ YouTube is the next iteration of that concept. Many businesses believe that YouTube might not be for them or that their product / service doesn’t lend itself to YouTube – almost always it does! YouTube is a logical and practical extension of content marketing and we will work with you to maximise the benefits of this channel.

The second largest search engine in the UK is YouTube. There are many that believe this will gradually overtake Google and become as, if not more, important. Only recently did I purchase a new Hi-Fi system with my first step heading to YouTube and checking out the reviews of the latest systems. Many businesses might not think at first that video doesn’t lend itself naturally to what they provide as a service, but it can. This is an extension of content marketing and it’s a channel that many businesses could jump on. I can help you to find the right content to talk about and also create the video.

Reporting & Dashboards

All of the above is great but doubly useful with accurate reporting. We provide easy to digest monthly reports on SEO and digital campaigns which can be tailored to a format best suited to you. We can format the reports with front loaded information you want to see up front.

What do our clients say?

Suzanne P

Brían has been working with us on our SEO. We never realised there were so many areas to work on! We learn something new each time with have a session with Brían and are really impressed.

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